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Mitochondria, Stress and Cell Death

Principal Investigator : Stephen Manon


Team Members

Claude Bobo - AI CNRS

Nadine Camougrand - DR2 CNRS

Mélody Dufossée - CDD IE CNRS

Cecile Gonzalez - MCU UB

Stephen Manon - DR2 CNRS

Muriel Priault - CRCN CNRS

Pierre Vigié - Doctorant MESR



Our team is interested in several aspects of the role of mitochondria as a target and a mediator of autophagy and apoptosis, two processes that are crucial for cellular homeostasis, and of which alterations are involved in a number of pathologies, such as cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and ageing-related diseases. Our projects involve studies on yeast, mammalian cells and reconstituted systems.


Research activity

1 - Molecular mechanisms underlying the interaction of the pro-apoptotic protein Bax with mitochondria (Stéphen Manon). This research axis uses simplified models, namely the heterologous expression in yeast, to investigate different aspects of the regulation of the dynamic interaction between Bax and mitochondria during apoptosis, namely its phosphorylation and its interaction with the anti-apoptotic protein Bcl-xL. A sub-axis involving structural studies of Bax, is animated by an assistant-professor (Cécile Gonzalez).


2 - Pro-survival function of Bcl-xL(Muriel Priault). When overexpressed, Bcl-xL is responsible for the survival of tumor cells, not only because of its well-documented inhibitory effect of Bax function, but also because of its ability to stimulate autophagy and food intake. These functions of Bcl-xL are regulated by post-translational modifications, such as the deamidation of two Asn residues, and the interaction of Bcl-xL with the small GTPase Rab7, through a domain distinct from the BH3-binding site involved in the interaction with other Bcl-2 family members such as Bax.




3 - Function and regulation of mitophagy (Nadine Camougrand). The selective elimination of mitochondria is a major process in the cellular adaptation to stress conditions and mitochondria alterations. This process has been first characterized in the lab, in yeast cells grown under strict respiratory conditions. We have shown that, depending on the initial trigger, different signalling pathways are leading to mitophagy and/or to general autophagy. Our project aims at characterizing the molecular events underlying these pathways.



Key and active collaborations (internal and external)


Fundings 2009-14



Apoptosis - Autophagy - Mitochondria – Cancer - Ageing


Selected publications 2009-2018

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